Creativity at the Home of Golf

THE opportunity to create a Major golf bag that could be used by some of the game's great players competing at the 150th Open, began its life when budding artists from two St Andrews schools – Madras College and St Leonards – were commissioned by Callaway and St Andrews Links.

Callaway briefs students on the 2022 July Major Bag design project.

Callaway briefs students on the 2022 July Major Bag design project.

From over 65 inspirational submissions, 10 finalists were shortlisted by an esteemed panel of judges that included Callaway Staff Professionals and senior executives from Callaway headquarters in California and St Andrews Links.

As the countdown to the 150th Open neared its conclusion, their proposed designs were also brought to life as sculptures in a new and unique visitor experience, The Big Bag Trail, that navigates its way through the streets of the Home of Golf.

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However, there could only be one winner - and at a VIP event proceeding The Open, Callaway announced 17-year-old IONA TURNER, a student at St Leonards School, as the lucky winner.

Her design went from paper to reality and her concept has been officially unveiled as Callaway's 2022 July Major Bag.

The limited edition bag will be used exclusively by every Callaway Staff Professional competing at St Andrews as they pursue golf's biggest prize, The Claret Jug.

St Andrews, Scotland.

St Andrews, Scotland.

This is the story of the winning 2022 July Major Bag...


Executives from Callaway and St Andrew Links came together to judge the shortlisted 10 designs, five from each participating school. They were taken from 65 entries.

Callaway Staff Professionals

Tour players were also consulted on the shortlisted designs. They pinpointed their favourites from a judging session undertaken alongside the 1st tee of The Old Course at St Andrews. The esteemed panel included Callaway Staff Players Danny Willett, Oliver Wilson, Branden Grace, Richie Ramsay and Min Woo Lee.

WINNER: Iona Turner (17)
St Leonards School, St Andrews

Iona's story:

How did you feel when you were told you had won?
I was really surprised, I didn’t expect to win at all. I had seen a few other designs which I thought were really well put together. I was, however, very excited when I found out, and my excitement has really grown. When I found out, I had no idea what to expect. I didn’t realise what a big deal it was and how much of my original design would be kept.

What is your favourite part of your design?
I’m very proud of 'Nessie' swimming under the Swilcan Bridge! It was a fun thing to do and I’m glad I included it.

How long did it take to research and draw your design?
It took me about a week to play with ideas and designs. However, I made the final design the night before deadline and ended up colouring it in on the day it was handed in!

Why is art such a passion ?
I’ve always spent my free time painting and drawing. As a family spending time doing art together has always been valued. My parents have been very supportive of my art work and very encouraging. It’s something where I can really tell I am improving- I know I have become more expressive as I gain in confidence.

Iona (far right), with her family, seen by her sculpture on The Big Bag Trail in St Andrews.

Iona (far right), with her family, seen by her sculpture on The Big Bag Trail in St Andrews.

Would you like to pursue art as a career ?
Winning this has really inspired me to seriously consider art and design as a career. Up until now I’ve always thought I should concentrate on more traditional academic subjects, however winning has made me re-think. I loved chatting with the design team in California and seeing how they took my piping golfer and made him into different items.

What might be your perfect job?
I’ve found that I’m really interested in graphic design and this competition has given me confidence to explore this option. As for the perfect job, I wouldn’t say no to a stint in California designing golf bags for Callaway!

Iona's inspiration

"In preparation for designing this golf bag I walked around St Andrews with some friends and took photos of the things that we thought were most important, most iconic and recognisable in the town. These included the famous Swilcan Bridge on the 18th hole of the Old Course, the colourful houses by the harbour, the cathedral and, of course, the sea. 

"Next, I took further inspiration from the whole of Scotland to incorporate into the design. I was very keen to include Nessie - the Loch Ness Monster - due to how iconic she is, and so she was placed right in the centre of the design. I also felt I ought to include bagpipes and a kilt, because they are things that my mind would automatically jump to if someone asks me about Scotland. When the time came to add colour to the design, I chose bright colours that reminded me most of summer time in St Andrews - particularly important as The Open takes place during July.

"I finished the design of this bag by deciding on a concept for the zips, and for this I was inspired by my friend Tess, who suggested that ice cream would be a good idea - after all, Jannettas is an essential part of St Andrews for me - and for so many visitors to the town - and so it deserved a reference in the 150th Open. 

"I wanted the design to be full to the brim of all the things I love about Scotland, and for it to look recognisable and interesting to the viewer."

Bag Facts

> Callaway has manufactured 500 Limited Edition 2022 July Major Staff Player bags.

> 80 Bags have been made available for Tour usage.

> The remaining bags will be sold exclusively in Europe.

> 300 of each matching headcover have also been manufactured.

> Staff Professionals competing in the 150th Open also receive a very special accompanying umbrella featuring the Scottish Piper drawing, plus a map of St Andrews on the underside!

> On the umbrella's printed map, a Callaway 'Chev' symbol marks the 1st tee of The Old Course.

“To engage the local community in this way and to go to local students and do something like this has been truly unique. What is brilliant is that it is just so visible, and to think that Iona has the potential to see one of our Staff Professionals in contention, with her bag visible to so many people, is just phenomenal.”
Neil Howie, President and Managing Director, Callaway EMEA